• Seed Production
  • Seed Cleaning
  • Bagging & Bulk
  • Commercial Grain
  • Grain Storage
  • Wildlife Blends
  • Non-GMO Soybeans
  • Organic Soybeans


The heart of our business is seed production. We are passionate about maintaining the purity and visual quality of each variety of seed we handle. We have more than 20 experienced seed growers within a 30-mile radius of Augusta, Ark.  Farmers are chosen as seed growers for their ability to raise great crops, but just as importantly for their ability to maintain varietal purity. Our farmers prove themselves year after year as quality seed growers.

Our seed production consists of non-GMO soybeans, Xtend soybeans, Xtend Flex soybeans, certified wheat and non-certified wheat.


Our seed cleaning ability is unmatched with the addition of our Satake color sorter. Varietal purity and visual quality standards set us apart.

Our grain cleaning system uses the following equipment:

  • Clipper New Generation Cleaner
  • LMC Marc 500 Gravity Table
  • H & T Spirals
  • LMC Easy Dump Elevators
  • Satake Evolution Color Sorter
  • LMC Destoner


Several options are available for packaging your product.

  •  Mini-Bulk/Totes
  •  Valve-Pak
  •  PBOM Heat Sealed
  •  Poly Heat Sealed
  •  Sewn

We have three warehouses with a combined 104,000 square feet to store bagged product.

We can load either bulk or bags into 20' shipping containers. Our bulk container loading time is eight minutes.


We buy commercial corn and can dump up to 7 trucks simultaneously with over 40,000 bushels per hour dumping capacity. We offer futures, basis, hedge to arrive, and delayed pricing grain contracts.


We lease storage when available. Our grain storage capacity is 2,150,000 bushels; this includes an 825,000 bushel flat storage warehouse with floor aeration that is filled with a 5,000 bph elevator leg and an overhead belt and slinger system.


We blend and bag custom wildlife blends for our customers. Our blends are normally done in batches of 10,000 pounds. For each 10,000 lbs., we add one gallon of mineral oil with insecticide. This gives the product a slight glossy look for eye appeal, reduces dust and helps protect the product from insects.


Non-GMO seed production is available upon request.


We are certified by Quality Assurance International (QAI) to clean and bag organic soybeans.  A certified organic company must prove that superior operating standards and documentation procedures are maintained in order to protect the integrity of each lot of organic soybeans.  Since February 2015, we have cleaned over 260,000 bushels of organic soybeans.