Taggart & Taggart, Inc. was started by Glenn Taggart in 1935. He began selling seed to local farmers in the spring and drying their crops at harvest.

Now Taggart & Taggart Seed, Inc., the company has diversified with contract seed production, cleaning and bagging; wildlife seed blending and bagging; commercial corn and grain sorghum; and contract bulk grain storage. The total bulk storage capacity at the present time is 2,150,000 bushels and 104,000 square feet of warehouse space.

Today the company continues to grow under the direction of Tal Taggart and his wife, Lynn.

Tal is a graduate of Arkansas State University in Jonesboro, where he obtained a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Agriculture.

Taggart & Taggart Seed, Inc. is located in Augusta, Arkansas. For information, please contact the office.